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Hello Lover,

Often, people who meet me for the first time are pleasantly surprised by the ease they feel sharing their authentic selves with me. I suppose my genuine energy and unabashed dorkiness is quite disarming even though my beauty intimidates.


 But if you were to bottle my essence and describe it in one single sentence: Gwen is an adorkable geek trapped in a blonde bombshell body. 

 Although introverted, I thrive in one-on-one connections. I am known to laugh and smile a lot. My bubbly nature with strangers tends to fool people in thinking I'm an extrovert. My friends say I am an old soul as I naturally fit in with friends who are in their 30s and 40s, despite being (god forbid) Gen Z.


I absolutely fall for men and women who are intelligent, hard-working, sporty yet geeky, foodies, and those who love to give and receive physical touch. Does that sound like you? You might just have met your next muse…

 On my downtime, I like to travel abroad and study foreign languages. My favourite place in the world is Japan. I workout almost every day with weight-training, muay thai, and krav maga. I want to learn how to roller-skate and dance but I currently have two left feet for both…  I wind down by taking a long and painfully hot bath every night. Way to impress me? Booking a suite with a deep-soak tub definitely is the quick way into my pan- I mean my heart!


 at a glance:

Age: Early 20s

Height: 5'3

Ethinic Background: Irish/Scottish

Sexuality: Bisexual

Hair: Platinum Blonde

Shoes: Size 7 

Tattoos: None

Measurements: 32DD-26-30 (all natural)

Education: Bachelors (in progress)

my favorites:

Food: Korean BBQ, Steak, Scallops, Sushi,  

Drink: Cove Kombuchas, California reds

Interests: Politics, Linguistics, Sociology, Psychology, Fitness, Nutrition, Self-development

Music: ​The Weeknd, Tame Impala, The Killers

Hobbies: Studying Japanese & Korean, Cooking, Weight-lifting, Roller-skating, Martial Arts

Somewhat Guilty Pleasures: Deep-Soak Bath tubs, Binging K-Dramas, Lush bath bombs

Gift Cards: Lounge, Honey Birdette, Lululemon, Aritiza,, Uber

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